Element "sub-graph"

Parents:graph, cluster
Child elements:node, record
Description:Combines nodes to groups with rank constraints. Different from clusters, another node which is not part of the group can be placed between the nodes of the group.

See documentation of attribute rank for more details.
Attributes:rank (required)
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/sub-graph">
<node id="a1" label="a"/>
<node id="b1" label="b"/>
<sub-graph rank="same">
<node id="c1" style="filled" label="c"/>
<node id="d1" style="filled" label="d"/>
<node id="e1" label="e"/>
<node id="f1" label="f"/>
<edge from="a1" to="b1"/>
<edge from="b1" to="c1"/>
<edge from="c1" to="d1"/>
<edge from="d1" to="e1"/>
<edge from="e1" to="f1"/>
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