Attribute "shape"

Used by:node
Description:The shape of a node.

The appearance of a node is also affected by the node attributes fixedsize, fontname, fontsize, height, label, style and width.
Values:box, circle, ellipse, point, egg, triangle, plaintext, diamond, trapezium, parallelogram, house, hexagon, octagon, doublecircle, doubleoctagon, invtriangle, invtrapezium, invhouse, Mdiamond, Msquare, Mcircle
Default Value:ellipse
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Example 1/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape1">
<node id="box" label="box" shape="box"/>
<node id="circle" label="circle" shape="circle"/>
<node id="ellipse" label="ellipse" shape="ellipse"/>
<node id="point" label="point" shape="point"/>
<node id="egg" label="egg" shape="egg"/>
<node id="triangle" label="triangle" shape="triangle"/>
Example 2/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape2">
<node id="plaintext" label="plaintext" shape="plaintext"/>
<node id="diamond" label="diamond" shape="diamond"/>
<node id="trapezium" label="trapezium" shape="trapezium"/>
Example 3/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape3">
<node id="parallelogram" label="parallelogram" shape="parallelogram"/>
<node id="invtriangle" label="invtriangle" shape="invtriangle"/>
<node id="hexagon" label="hexagon" shape="hexagon"/>
Example 4/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape4">
<node id="octagon" label="octagon" shape="octagon"/>
<node id="doublecircle" label="doublecircle" shape="doublecircle"/>
<node id="doubleoctagon" label="doubleoctagon" shape="doubleoctagon"/>
<node id="house" label="house" shape="house"/>
Example 5/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape5">
<node id="invstrapezium" label="invtrapezium" shape="invtrapezium"/>
<node id="invhouse" label="invhouse" shape="invhouse"/>
<node id="Mdiamond" label="Mdiamond" shape="Mdiamond"/>
Example 6/6:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/shape6">
<node id="Msquare" label="Msquare" shape="Msquare"/>
<node id="Mcircle" label="Mcircle" shape="Mcircle"/>
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