Element "node"

Parents:graph, cluster, sub-graph, record
Child elements:no child elements.
Description:A single node of the graph.

If a node appears inside a record, it has only the both attributes id and label.
Attributes:color, fillcolor, fixedsize, fontcolor, fontname, fontsize, height, id, label, shape, style, width
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/node">
<node id="a" label="nice node" shape="box" fontname="Arial" fontcolor="#AA0000"/>
<node id="b" label="height='0.8'" shape="box" fontname="Courier" height="0.8" style="dashed"/>
<node id="c" fillcolor="#AAFFAA" color="#0000AA" label="blue" style="filled" fontsize="16"/>
<node id="d" shape="hexagon" label="hexagon" fontcolor="#AA0000" fontname="Arial" fontsize="10" style="dotted"/>
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