Attribute "label"

Used by:graph, cluster, node, edge
Description:Text label attached to objects. Different from ids labels can contain almost any special character, but not ".

If a node does not have the attribute label, the value of the attribute id is used. If a node shall not have a label, label="" must be used.

The escape sequences "\n", "\l" and "\r" divide the label into lines, centered, left-justified and right-justified, respectively.

Change the appearance of the labels with the attributes fontname, fontcolor and fontsize.
Values:Any string without "
Default Value:""
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
<graphfile-name="graphs/label" label="graph label">
<nodeid="r1" label=""/>
<nodeid="r3" label="label"/>
<nodeid="a" label="node\nlabel"/>
<nodeid="b" label="node\nlabel"/>
<nodeid="c" label="!§$%&/()=?\`´@€+*~#;:,-.|<>\nnice special characters" shape="plaintext"/>
<clusterid="c1" label="cluster label">
<nodeid="node_without_label" label=""/>
<edgefrom="r1" to="a"/>
<edgefrom="a" to="b" label="Same labels\lfor different\lnodes"/>
<edgefrom="a" to="c" label="nice\redge\rlabel\r"/>
<edgefrom="id_of_node" to="node_without_label" label="\l\lnode\lwithout\llabel\l"/>
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