Element "cluster"

Parents:graph, cluster
Child elements:cluster, sub-graph, node, record, edge
Description:A group of nodes and edges that are laid out separately and then integrated as a unit into its parent graph, with a bounding rectangle drawn about it.

If the cluster has a label parameter, this label is displayed within the rectangle. Note also that there can be clusters within clusters.
Attributes:bgcolor, color, fillcolor, fontcolor, fontname, fontsize, id (required), label, labeljust, labelloc, style
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Example 1/1:
Source code:
<graph file-name="graphs/cluster" nodesep="0.5">
<node id="a" label="a"/>
<cluster id="c1" label="c1" style="filled" fillcolor="#EEEEFF" fontcolor="#900000" fontname="Arial" fontsize="15">
<node id="b"/>
<node id="c"/>
<edge from="b" to="c"/>
<cluster id="c2" label="c2" fontname="Courier" style="dashed">
<node id="d"/>
<node id="e"/>
<node id="f"/>
<edge from="d" to="e"/>
<edge from="e" to="f"/>
<edge from="d" to="f"/>
<node id="g"/>
<edge from="a" to="b"/>
<edge from="a" to="d" lhead="c2" label="lhead='c2'"/>
<edge from="b" to="e" ltail="c1"/>
<edge from="d" to="c" ltail="c2"/>
<edge from="a" to="g"/>
<edge from="c" to="g" ltail="c1" label="ltail='c1'"/>
<edge from="f" to="g"/>
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